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Sponsor packages

companiescompaniescompanies and individuals
Number of available packages26~
Free tickets321
Company logo and description on the website+++
Company logo on the front page of the website+++
Company logo on screensavers during breaks between presentations+++
Option to put advertising materials in the attendee's package +++
Concluding remarks++ 
Banner or stand in the lobby++ 
Job postings on the conference website (via 
Conference room with company name+  
Banner or stand in one of the conference rooms+  
Opening remarks+  
Guaranteed presentation slot+  
Promotional contest+  

Advantages of sponsorship

  • contact with target audience;
  • contact with potential employees;
  • ability to demonstrate company's market position and competitive advantages;
  • ability to demonstrate products and services of your company;
  • additional publicizing in the Drupal community;
  • free admission;
  • sponsor badges.

For info-partners

If you would like to become an info-partner please contact us for your requested level of participation.


Become a sponsor