A Few Days Before Drupal White Nights 2014

We've almost prepared everything for Drupal White Nights 2014. Some fresh updates below..

Student Discount

Good news for students! We have 30 tickets with a good discount. Use dwn14student promo code to buy a ticket for 850 RUB only. Please don't forget to bring your valid student ID to the conference. It will be necessary for on-site registration.


News Digest

("Nevskiy avenue, night trafic", source:

It is almost a month until the event. We're concentrating our efforts on the preparation.

St.Petersburg is going to be filled with tourists soon, river tram is working, Nevskiy avenue is full of people and nights are becoming shorter.

With these developments in mind we're glad to share our news.

Contest finished!

Our "Lucky ticket to Drupal White Nights 2014" contest finished on May 1st!

We had two participants:

* You may use Google Translate to translate their text to your language.

We thank them for the participation!

Grants for Individual Members of Drupal Association

We have decided to give a discount to contributors who by own desire (Individual Members of Drupal Association) help Drupal flourish.

Invitation for international Drupal Community

Drupal White Nights 2014

Today I'm glad to invite everyone to our Camp!

Drupal White Nights 2014 is the first large scale international Drupal event in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It will host more than 150 attendees from different cities and countries.