Tickets & Registration

Ticket Pricing:

ends May 71500 RUB
ends June 11700 RUB
ends June 71900 RUB

The number of tickets is limited, so hurry up!

Grants for Individual Members of Drupal Association

We're giving a discount to attendees who by own desire (Individual Members of Drupal Association) help Drupal flourish. The value of discount is $15 or 500 RUB that is equal to minimal yearly membership fee. Please write an email to us and attach your account link to get a special promo code! See who has already been given the grant.

Student Discount

Good news for students! We have 30 tickets with a good discount. Use dwn14student promo code to buy a ticket for 850 RUB only. Please don't forget to bring your valid student ID to the conference. It will be necessary for on-site registration.


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